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Firework MPAM is a company based in Thessaloniki, Greece with more than 25 years of experience in the events production and advertising industry. The last 10 years it has expanded its activities with great success in the fireworks industry. Within this short period of time it has succed to be the biggest fireworks importer in Greece and the best company in the retail fireworks sale. It has created a chain with 20 selling points all over Greece and the recognisability of the brand name MPAM keeps increasing... 


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Firework It is the first and only retail fireworks chain, with 15 franchise ΜPΑΜ stores and 5 franchise corners all over Greece. It is also the first one to create an online fireworks store (www.mpamshop.gr). Having set as values quality, innovation and the customer's satisfaction, MPAM continues its steady development all over Greece, gaining the customer's trust and appreciation and establishing its brand name as a synonyme of the "wow" factor. Mpam's success story have proven right the company's values and principles... And those are honesty, reliability and trust within its relationships with partners and customers and of course supply of quality and certified products and services in the best prices. 

Firework In partnership with one of the biggest fireworks factories in China, MPAM has created its own fireworks collection, categories 1, 2 and 3, in modern, fashionable packages, with detailed instructions for use and overall jaw-dropping results in the sky! Also MPAM is the exclusive distributor in Greece of Comet, the biggest European fireworks company. MPAM products are tested and certified by the German Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (B.A.M.). 

Firework The high quality products, the great variety, the impressive effects and the economic prices have established MPAM as the most reliable and trusted company of its kind. Special effects, sky lanterns, led balloons, party poppers and balloons expand MPAM's products range and variety and provide all the means to our customers to create the best atmosphere for successful events.


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Firework Professional fireworks displays for Municipalities, centers of culture, media events etc. and impressive special effects shows are also part of MPAM's activities that stand out for their memorable result in the mind of those who have experienced it. You can enjoy samples of our work in our website (http://www.mpam.eu/el/events), and see for your self why MPAM is considered to be synonym of quality and professionalism.


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